OWCS Co-Streaming Guidelines

Co-Streaming Applications now Open

This season, the OWCS Team is excited to announce that we will be supporting a Co-Streaming program. We hope this program offers more ways to engage with the OWCS and allows creators to bring awesome match action to their communities. 

Creators and streamers who would like to participate can apply here: OWCS Co-Streaming Form

Before applying, please ensure you are eligible to co-stream and able to adhere to our co-streaming guidelines

Overview of OWCS Co-streaming Guidelines:

  • Co-streams may take place on any streaming platform

  • Co-streamers may create content from their co-streams and upload VODs

  • Co-Streaming must occur with the proper delays.

  • Player POV co-streams at a three-minute delay, main broadcast co-streams need no delay, and co-streams with the clean feed or an observer at a two-minute delay. (The delay for the clean-feed may be built in as communicated by the administration.)

  • Co-streamers may monetize their co-stream content, see our guidelines for more information

  • All co-streamers must be of legal age to use their streaming platform of choice

  • Co-streamers may have stream sponsors as long as they do not conflict with OWCS sponsors

  • Co-streamers must be willing to share select viewership data with the Administration upon request

  • Co-streams will be monitored by the OWCS to ensure all guidelines are upheld, including maintaining a positive environment and moderated chat

  • We reserve the right to remove co-streamers from the program at any time

We’re looking forward to enjoying kicking off the 2024 OWCS season with you all!

Head to our Discord for any questions.



Reach out to us on Social Media with any questions.
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