Know Before You Go - OWCS 2024: Dallas Major

The Overwatch Champions Series’ first in-person event is taking place at DreamHack Dallas from May 31 to June 2.

The 2024 OWCS Dallas Major will kick off our international live-event series with eight teams from across our three OWCS regions, fighting to crown themselves the first global champions in the new era of Overwatch Esports.

The journey to Dallas has been tough, and only the best have made it to this point. Over the course of the event, eight teams will battle for glory and their share of the crowdfunded prize pool. Which team will prevail and show their region reigns supreme? There’s only one way to find out...

This blog will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about the 2024 OWCS Dallas Major, including when, where, and who to watch, what you can earn by tuning in, an in-game bundle to celebrate the Major, and more!

Read on to learn about:

  • Tournament Overview

  • Crowdfunding Details

  • Viewership Incentives

  • Event Incentives

  • Talent

  • Participating Teams

Tournament Overview

DreamHack Dallas is a festival unlike any other, bringing people from all over the world together to share their love for all things gaming. Cosplayers, content creators, and special guests roam the show floor. Panels, workshops, and computer stations fill the hall with energy and conversation, all while a multitude of esports events (like ours!) give fans a chance to see the best teams compete for glory.

The OWCS Major will take place over three days of competition in an eight team double-elimination bracket. Games start at 1PM CT on Friday and Saturday, and 11AM CT on Sunday. You can catch all the action on our Twitch and YouTube channels, including a B-stream simulcasting select quarterfinal matches on our secondary OW Esports Twitch channel here.

Doors to the festival area will be open from 10AM CT on all three days, and will close at midnight CT on Friday and Saturday, 7PM CT on Sunday. You can check the DreamHack FAQ and full event rule sheet for more information, including details on the BYOC schedule, accommodations for guests with disabilities, the venue address, permitted and prohibited items, and more.

Crowdfunding Details

We’re celebrating our OWCS Major champions with more than just a trophy - there’s also an ever-growing prize pool up for grabs, powered by the Azure Flame Hanzo Crowdfunding Bundle!

The Azure Flame Hanzo is a skin designed to evoke the unstoppable power of our top-tier competitors. Over the course of the skin’s design process, designer TB Choi focused on the desire to make players feel powerful with this skin equipped - “to feel like they could sweep their enemies away like a storm, and overwhelm those in front of them with intense force.” The natural lightning, thunder, storm, and flame motifs were primary inspirations for Azure Flame Hanzo, with the dichotomy of sharp lines and the rolling curves of nature’s energy evoking a sense of ever-shifting, primordial power.

Blizzard will contribute 25% of the revenue* from all item sales in the Azure Flame Hanzo OWCS Crowdfunding Bundle (purchased together or individually) to the OWCS Dallas Major prize pool. The Azure Flame Hanzo bundle features:

  • Legendary Azure Flame Hanzo skin

  • Azure Moon Name Card

  • Azure Flame Player Icon

  • Azure Guardian Spray

  • Dragon Guardian Weapon Charm

The bundle and its individual items are available in-game until June 3rd.
Thank you for your continued support of Overwatch Esports - we wouldn’t be here without you!

*Platform fees, applicable taxes and any other deductions paid to third parties will be deducted from the sales revenue received by Blizzard to calculate the OWCS Dallas Major prize pool contribution.

Viewership Incentives

To celebrate the 2024 OWCS Dallas Major and the Overwatch 2|Porsche collaboration, we’re giving away even more free in-game rewards than previously announced! With a full slate of viewership rewards up for grabs, you won’t want to miss out on all the action. Tune in to our official broadcasts on Twitch or YouTube or any of our Featured Co-Streamers to earn the following:

  • 1 hour: Dallas Major - Day Player Icon

  • 2 hours: Rodeo Cassidy Spray

  • 3 hours: Rodeo Ashe Spray

  • 4 hours: Dallas Major - Night Player Icon

  • 5 hours: Dallas Noon Name Card

  • 6 hours: Porsche Drift Spray

  • 7 hours: Dallas Night Name Card

  • 8 hours: Porsche Name Card

  • 9 hours: Zero to Sixty Name Card

  • 10 hours: OWCS Home Weapon Charm

  • 11 hours: OWCS Home Ashe Skin

  • 12 hours: OWCS Away Ashe Skin

Event Incentives

We’re giving an extra helping of drops to fans attending the 2024 OWCS Dallas Major in person: fans who purchased an OWCS-specific ticket here will receive codes to unlock all the Viewership Incentives listed above, plus:

  • Dallas Skull Player Icon

  • Bless Your Heart Spray

  • Dallas Sunset Name Card

You can also purchase an OWCS Seating Add-On at checkout alongside your DreamHack ticket to reserve a prime seat at the OWCS stage! Available for one day or all three, the OWCS add-on is the only way to guarantee yourself a seat to watch the Major - fans who don’t purchase this add-on may still be able to sit and watch the action, but unreserved seats are only available on a first come, first serve basis. Save yourself the trouble and grab that add-on to secure your seat! You can even snag the Premium Collectable Add-On to earn some extra goodies, including Premium Registration line access and a swag bag with a t-shirt, printed tote bag, and limited edition coin.

Talent: EN

We’re excited to be calling in a truly tremendous talent line-up for the OWCS Major! Make some noise for these maestros of the mic:

  • Host:

  • Analysts:

  • Casters:

    • Mitch “Uber” Leslie

    • Matt “Mr.X” Morello

    • Rosemary “Nekkra” Kelley

    • Jack “Jaws” Wright

Talent: KR

  • Casters:

    • Jisoo “Jisoo” Sim

    • Seungyong “Melt” Ahn

  • Commentators:

Talent: JP

Participating Teams

The OWCS Major will feature eight teams from across our three competition regions of NA, EMEA, and Asia. Read more below to learn more about each team competing at DreamHack Dallas.


At the front of the pack in North America is the Toronto Defiant, who are sending a squad that are no strangers to high-pressure competition. Back to back stage titles and a nearly perfect match record make this team a strong candidate to take it all home. Now representing the city in which they won their last major tournament, keep an eye on the former Florida Mayhem trio of Ham “SOMEONE” Jeong-wan, Choi “MER1T” Tae-min, and Rupal “Rupal” Zaman as they look to capture their next trophy in Dallas.

A fearsome stack of veteran talent, M80 is the only team in NA to pose a real threat to the Defiant so far by defeating them in the OWCS NA Stage 2’s Upper Bracket Final. Toronto got their revenge in the end with a 4-1 Grand Finals win but M80 is looking to walk away from Dallas with a trophy. You can count on this squad and their Head Coach, Blake “Gator” Scott to bring some fireworks to DreamHack.

Rounding out our three NA squads is a team we can only describe as... Soggy?

Students of the Game (SOG for short) are a dark horse with infectious energy and electric talent in all positions. Young guns Evan “PGE” Ngo and Jamal “scissors” Son tear apart the sturdiest backlines, as Kyle “Rakattack” Rakauskas, Matteo “cal” Mazzucco, and Boston “Infekted” Fine lend their experience to a roster that has surprised the entire NA region. Not bad for a team that came together hours before roster lock for OWCS NA Stage 2. Underestimate the Soggy squad at your own peril.


Our second region on the list has thrived in the OWCS era, with new rosters providing fresh challenges to established titans of the scene in a true “iron sharpens iron” free-for-all. Standing above the melee, hammer in hand, are Spacestation - a roster long-term Overwatch Esports fans should immediately recognize.

Formed from the core of the London Spitfire’s much beloved final roster, Spacestation soars above all others in EMEA. Head Coach Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham has given his team the tools they need to succeed with any meta: a hyper-flexible DPS trio, two world-class supports, and perhaps one of the greatest tank players in the world. Spacestation Gaming is looking ahead to Dallas - and beyond.

Finnish firebrands ENCE are burning to win on the international stage. After falling to their rivals, Spacestation Gaming, during OWCS EMEA Stage 2, ENCE has their sights set on victory. Newly minted Head Coach William “Crimzo” Hernandez is the strategic mastermind behind the team. It’s a hard road ahead and t ENCE will take every opportunity to prove their sisu.

The final team from EMEA, Twisted Minds (TM) step onto the DreamHack stage by having just enough Circuit Points to qualify. While turnover in the frontline slowed TM's roll in Stage 2, the team still possesses strong world class DPS, with Ibrahem “Quartz” Alali, Ahmad "Youbi" Alyoubi, and Abdulelah "LBBD7" Alfaifi showcasing a master class in mechanics and flexibility. With valuable live-event experience from their Overwatch World Cup champion players, Twisted Minds are worthy of consideration for a deep run in the OWCS Major.


Joining us from OWCS Asia are two unstoppable teams that have take-down all other challengers in their region.

Crazy Raccoon are the dominant OWCS Asia Stage 1 champions, a regional favorite for Major championship contention that will shock and awe the competition. This roster proved their mettle in Stage 1 with Chae "HeeSang" Hee-sang earning the most Player of the Match wins in the region!

Led by a star-studded coaching line-up this team isn’t showing a weak spot, a trophy in Dallas would confirm their spot at the top.

Standing in Crazy Raccoon’s way is Team Falcons, another high-powered roster that commanded respect in OWCS Asia. With an All-Stars roster, they defeated Crazy Raccoon in OWCS Korea’s Stage 1 Grand Final; they failed to replicate this feat in the regional Grand Final. Team Falcons is looking to answer back where it counts.

Join In On The Action

We’re so excited to be bringing the explosive action you’ve come to expect from an Overwatch live-event. The OWCS Major at DreamHack Dallas is the next big step along the path of our new competitive ecosystem, and we can’t wait to take that step with all of you!

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram, and Discord for coverage and updates on all things OWCS. We’ll see you in Dallas!



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